What is FOREX?

Forex(FX),also called foreign exchange is the world’s most traded market.

The foreign exchange is the biggest financial market in the world; even larger than the stock market, with a daily capacity of $5.1 trillion.

This market governs foreign exchange exchange rates for every currency.

When simply put, forex is the buying and selling of currencies at determined prices with the purpose of making profits💸


When do we trade Forex?


Forex is traded everyday from Monday to Friday around the globe 🌎. During these days the market is open for all 24 hours.


We could all trade when we have the perfect opportunity and at the comfort of our homes.


Who trades in Forex?


This depends from banks to institutes to companies to individual traders.

If you are an individual you could start trading from as little as £50.


How do we Trade ?

‘How to trade’ is a very common question that has been asked from beginners. We can have access to the market through a trusted and regulated broker. And could be traded using smart devices like laptops,tablets and phones.


What to Trade ?

Forex involves the buying and selling of currencies . Both buying and selling take place simultaneously at any time.

The most common currencies used for trading are USD,EUR,JPY,GBP,CHF,CAD,AUD,NZD.